Bambook Studio

Accelerating decarbonisation through sustainable design and consulting

The decade of Climate Action is now.
We are fully committed to preserving our planet by only implementing environmentally friendly solutions.

We specialise in Passive Design, Building Physics and Circularity. Our goal is to make all our projects net zero and ensure minimum construction impact. Our services go from green consulting to design & built, but we only work on projects that are in line with our principles and that benefit both our clients and the planet.


Empowering Businesses and Organizations to Achieve Earth’s Sustainability Targets

Sustainability Consulting

No more Green Washing. We can help you make your true eco project and achieve your sustainability vision. Our work consists in develop sustainable strategies, optimisation of small and large scale developments, improve building performance, achieve Net Zero, become Zero Waste and reduce your Carbon Emissions throughout low impact construction and operations.

Net Zero Architecture

At Bambook Studio we can help you plan and achieve a NET ZERO project. In fact we are the only Architectural Design Studio that has in our portfolio already several examples of NET ZERO projects here in Lombok, Indonesia. For that we offer integrated design solutions that start as early as concept stage, and incorporate the most optimal energy and water systems to achieve Neutrality.

Waste Management

A huge topic in Indonesia, Waste Management is the biggest lack when it comes to private developments in general and the impact of our waste is visible everywhere all around. Our services include helping you and your project with the design and implementation of a proper waste management strategy and system that reduce your waste impact as much as possible.

Keynote Speaker

Paula Huerta has dedicated her career to helping organisations and communities transition to a low-carbon economy. In her thought-provoking and inspiring talks, she shares her expertise on the latest trends and best practises in sustainable design, and explains how companies and governments can reduce their carbon footprint while remaining competitive.

Sustainable Landscaping

Designing resilient and robust gardens which are environmentally friendly and climate appropriate. We believe that landscape needs to bring life, resiliency, diversity and regeneration and it must be designed together with the architectural systems where in combination they become allies for a better future.

Circular Economy Consulting

We help companies and organisations move to a more sustainable business model based on the principles of the circular economy. This involves reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency with the aim of creating a closed-loop system in which resources are continuously reused and waste is minimised.

Climate Activism

Bambook Studio and its founder Paula Huerta have been working in the field of sustainability for over 15 years. We focus on emission reduction solutions, zero waste programmes, net zero strategies and have always been committed to climate change education.


We help companies reduce their environmental impact, improve their operational efficiency, and enhance their reputation as socially responsible leaders.

Villa Mariposa Net Zero

Villa Mariposa is a Traditional Gladak Design 3 bedroom villa part of our Catalogue of pre-designed villas built in Lombok. Completely passive designed, this villa is also a Net Zero Villa, as they maximised roof space with a large Solar System of 10.35 kva which exports to PLN National Electrical Grid.

Villa Loft Off Grid

Villa Loft is a custom made one bedroom unit for a couple living in South Lombok. This unique house goes beyond the standard Sustainable Strategies we always apply (Waste Water Treatment, Solar Back Up System, etc) and they are totally off-grid  with a large solar + battery system.

Villa Dos Palmas

Villa Dos Palmas is a combination of a Three Bedroom Semihobbit Villa and a Loft One Storey in the heart of Kuta Lombok. Both part of our Catalogue of pre-designed villas built in Lombok. Villa Dos Palmas also has a large Solar System of 16kva which exports to PLN National Electrical Grid. 

Xanadu Boutique Retreat

Xanadu Boutique Retreat is a luxury eco-hotel located in the hills of Kuta Lombok. Completed in 2022, the 2750 sqm hotel is located in the hills of Kuta Lombok, surrounded by a dense mahogany forest.

Villa Serena Net Zero

Villa Serena is the first net zero luxury villa in Lombok. Completed in early 2020 and built to the highest standards, Villa Serena is a spectacular structure with incredible views of Kuta Bay and will become a lasting landmark in Lombok’s architectural history.

Villa Utamaro

Villa Utamaro is truly unique and is located in a unique enclave. Right on the edge of the Gerupuk peninsula, overlooking the entire bay and offering 360° panoramic views, this house is a true jewel in the south of Lombok.