Chief Sustainability Officer

Sustainability strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Location: Spain
Year: 2022
Website: 8circular.eu
LinkedIn: 8circular

8Circular is a young start-up based in Madrid, Spain, focused on finding solutions to a massive global problem: managing bio-waste, refining it into high quality end products and introducing an environmentally friendly circular economy model into our food systems. Using insect breeding, especially the black soldier fly, 8Circular is currently working with different companies and organisations, offering them different concepts and options for the bioconversion of their food waste, in order to achieve not only environmental benefits and compliance with the new Spanish waste management guidelines, but also economic benefits for the company.

Paula Huerta was appointed CSO of 8Circular because of her experience with BSF insect bioconversion plants in Indonesia and with developing sustainable strategic planning to support and collaborate with the company in the implementation of this new technology.

Paula is the Chief Strategic Officer at 8Circular because of her ability to develop sustainable strategic plans. Her enthusiasm for tackling global challenges and her brilliant and innovative thinking always help us develop better pathways for the future of the company. Paula is a vital member of the 8Circular team, consistently providing creativity to our designs and solutions.

Alberto Gonzalez

CEO of 8 Circular