Off Grid Eco Retreat

Net Zero & Sustainability Project

Designed by: Renowned Architectural Firm Bio Construction in Bali.
Sustainability strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Consultant for wastewater gardens: Biosphere Foundation
Location: To be announced soon.
Built-up area: To be announced soon.
Solar system: 72kw 250kwh battery by Smart Energy
Year: 2023
Website & Instagram: To be announced soon.

Off Grid Retreat is the first net-zero project in Nusa Penida, Indonesia.

Designed by a renowned bio-construction architecture firm, the project is a milestone among the most sustainable projects ever realised in Indonesia.

The owners are long-time climate activists who are aware of the environmental problems on our planet. They wanted to build a project that wouldn’t detract from the beauty of the island and its surroundings and wouldn’t contribute to climate change.

Bambook Studio was engaged as the sustainability consultant for the entire project, with a comprehensive programme that included sustainable advice on passive house construction, energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable materials, minimising construction impacts and waste management planning.

The retreat is completely off-grid and was built entirely from natural materials without cement or concrete to minimise energy consumption for construction and building materials.
Everything runs on a large solar system. All black and grey water is treated in a wastewater treatment plant and later returned to the landscape to water the garden without an irrigation system. Passive strategies built into the design provide cool days and nights without the need for air conditioning. The design is the result of a careful passive building process where we studied the path of the sun, air currents and solar radiation.

The construction process follows the sustainable building criteria of LEED, BREAM and GREEN MARK Green Building Certifications, with a waste management system, an erosion and sedimentation control plan and a construction pollution prevention plan that is monitored daily.