BSF Sengkol

Implementing Circular Business Models

Location: South Lombok
Built-up area: approx. 220m2
Year: 2020
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BSF Sengkol is a black soldier fly (BSF) organic waste processing center (BSF), the first project of its kind in Lombok, strategically located near the Mandalika development, a new tourism master plan of ITDC National Indonesian Tourism Company. Considering that there is hardly any public waste collection system in Indonesia, the challenge wasn’t small.

The facility was designed pro-bono by our office as part of our social contribution to the island of Lombok and to the circular economy model in which we believe. The organic waste becomes natural fertiliser and both this and the larvae (as organic protein feed) can be sold in the local market.

The economic, social and environmental impact of this project is becoming more and more evident as we hear from many reports from the local community.

With this pro bono project, Bambook Studio aims to spread the concept of the circular economy by developing a clear circular business model that demonstrates that it’s possible to have an economy that is compatible with our ability to regenerate our resources and absorb our waste. Together with our friends at Aurbamboo, we haven’t only built a sustainable building out of bamboo, but also a true example of circular architecture, built by local people and for local people.

The BSF Sengkol facility is part of a larger Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Feedwerkz and the local government of Nusa Tenggara (Lombok and Sumbawa Island), which aims to build more such facilities throughout NTB province to achieve the recycling of at least 10 tons of organic waste per day.

What clients loved the most

Paula has been exceptionally helping us, the government and community, on how to smartly manage waste, not in conventional ways. In this sense, she shows us a high commitment to changing the current thinking of traditional policy intervention waste management to become more lucrative opportunities and ultimately inclusive.

Pak Adi Gunawan

Dinas LHK Environmental Department NTB & Lecturer in Universitas Mataram

I love working with Paula. I learned a lot from Paula in running an environment project and building networking to support our project on waste management in Lombok Island. She is so energetic and innovative.

Aula Askina

NTB Governor Office: Accelerating Zero Waste Program NTB Bebas Sampah

Paula is a practitioner, angel investor and evangelist helping redesign human societies through innovation and circular economy principles. Whether it is her pioneering work in the Circular Lombok initiative or as an ambassador for sustainable insect farming or actively investing into circular economy projects and startups, Paula has been at the forefront of driving sustainable transformation in the region.

Shiva Susarla

CEO / Founder Circular Cities Asia , Renergii Singapore

We had been searching for pioneers who have the courage, motivation and innovative ideas to try a new waste management pilot in Southern Lombok. Paula Huerta and her office Bambook Studio, not only has their team compassionately dedicated their time and resources to deliver, but instead they now became the main sustainability driver of the project and beyond. Would always be happy if there would be opportunities for collaboration again in the future.

Kathrin Pape

Development Advisor for Employment in Sustainable Tourism at GIZ Lombok, Indonesia