Bumi Cinta

Sustainability Consulting

Designed by: Pablo Luna
Built by: Pablo Luna
Sustainability Strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Location: Soon to be disclosed.
Built Area:. Soon to be disclosed.
Year: 2023
Website: bumicintabali.com

Bumi Cinta Bali is a future eco-retreat centre consciously conceived and designed to conduct transformative detoxification, wellness and healing retreats that support human and planetary evolution.

Scheduled to open in June 2024, the centre is located on the ridges of the Les and the Valley, with breathtaking views of the Balinese Sea merging into the sky.

Bumi cinta was designed by a team of conscious architects, permaculturists, sustainability consultants and designers to create a true symbiotic and caring relationship with nature, which in turn provides all visitors with powerful frequencies that promote healing, connection and activation. The rugged nature of the surrounding jungle is in harmony with the celestial view of the sea, blending seamlessly with the sky.

Bumi Cinta Bali accommodates up to 22 guests in wooden and bamboo structures, including 6 bungalows, 6 glamping huts and 1 detached villa. Facilities include a spa and wellness centre, a large yoga shala and a great restaurant and lounge.

Bambook Studio acted as sustainability consultants for the project, assessing the existing design and recommending improvements and new sustainable strategies focusing on the main categories of sustainable design and construction:

  • Passive Design.
  • Improving energy performance and reducing energy consumption.
  • Water efficiency.
  • Improving drainage and impact on water runoff.
  • Sustainable materials and suppliers.
  • Construction waste management and erosion control.
  • Development of a circular economy system for operations.
Paula assisted our project to have a complete overview of sustainability options and what it means in the context of Bali. She provided valuable feedback across architecture, structure and MEP which not only created a more sustainable project but also lowered its cost.

Adam Woodman

Co-Founder Bumi Cinta Bali