Circular Economy Consulting

Transition to a circular economy business model that focuses on reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency.

What is circular economy consulting?

The circular economy is a new growth model that aims to break the traditional linear model of “take, make, waste”. This change is necessary to prevent the depletion of natural resources and to address the current environmental crisis. The circular economy is based on three fundamental principles: Protecting and conserving the earth’s resources; biodegradable or reusable products, components and materials; and addressing negative impacts such as pollution, resource use and social consequences.

How we help

Sustainable Strategies and Optimized Building Performance

Circular Economy Business Models

Improve the resilience of your business by incorporating Circular Economy Business Strategies by recirculating materials and allowing nature time to restore itself.

Circular Design

Low Carbon and Circular Architectural solutions that can be easily and quickly implemented in building projects if the whole life cycle of the building and its materials is considered. Design for disassembly.

Keynote Speaker, Conferences and Podcasts

Share knowledge by showing the world the principles of Circular Economy, Circular Business Examples and learn about how to incorporate it into your business or daily life.

Innovation and New Business Models

Increase competitiveness and improve financial performance through innovative business models that focus on services and recirculating of products instead of extracting and burning resources.

Positive Community Impact

Because we are running out of time, is it key to share knowledge and always commit to contribute to a more sustainable future for all by helping the local government understand and implement Circular Economy Business Models.

Waste Management

Our services include helping you and your project with the design and implementation of a proper waste management strategy and system that reduces your waste impact as much as possible.

Our Projects/Initiatives

Successful implementations for environmental and social impact

BSF Senkol

BSF Sengkol is a black soldier fly organic waste processing center (BSF), the first project of its kind in Lombok, strategically located near the Mandalika development, a new tourism master plan of ITDC National Indonesian Tourism Company.

Wood Cabin

The Wood Cabin was designed to meet the needs of Lombok’s growing expat community and satisfy their demand for an eco-friendly, comfortable home that meets Western standards while being affordable, fast and easy to build.

Chief Sustainability Officer

8Circular is a young start-up based in Madrid, Spain, focused on finding solutions to a massive global problem: managing bio-waste, refining it into high quality end products and introducing an environmentally friendly circular economy model into our food systems.

Renergii & Circular Cities Asia

RENERGii Ventures Pte. Ltd (“RENERGii”) is a Singapore-based venture studio focused on the food, feed, AgTech and wellness industries in Asia. Its primary focus is on building new start-ups that leverage lean innovation ideas and circular economy principles to make food systems in Asian cities more resilient, environmentally sustainable and accessible.


Circular Economy Consulting is a service that helps companies and organisations develop a more sustainable business model based on the principles of the circular economy. This involves reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency with the aim of creating a closed loop system where resources are continuously reused and waste is minimised.

The objectives of Circular Economy Consulting are to support companies and organisations in reducing waste, improving resource efficiency and moving towards a closed loop system that minimises waste and maximises resource use.

The benefits of circular economy consultancy include reducing the negative impact of waste on the environment, improving resource efficiency and helping companies and organisations to transition to a more sustainable business model.

Circular economy consultancy involves expert advice and strategic planning, including the development of new business models and new markets for recycled materials. It also includes working with other companies and organisations to create new industrial symbioses.

A company or organisation can benefit from circular economy consultancy by improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and moving to a more sustainable business model. By working with experts in the field of circular economy, a company or organisation can improve its environmental performance and make a positive impact on the planet.

Any requests?

Reach out to us for any requests. Our team is dedicated to providing flexible and personalized support for all of your needs.

    What clients loved the most

    I love working with Paula. I learned a lot from Paula in running an environment project and building networking to support our project on waste management in Lombok Island. She is so energetic and innovative.

    Aula Askina

    NTB Governor Office: Accelerating Zero Waste Program NTB Bebas Sampah

    My company and myself have been working with Paula and her Bamboo for many many years with a lot of success. She knows the environment very well and works with very high standard values. Totally recommended.

    Jean Marc Reyner

    CEO - Naga Indo Real State Developer

    Paula is a practitioner, angel investor and evangelist helping redesign human societies through innovation and circular economy principles. Whether it is her pioneering work in the Circular Lombok initiative or as an ambassador for sustainable insect farming or actively investing into circular economy projects and startups, Paula has been at the forefront of driving sustainable transformation in the region.

    Shiva Susarla

    CEO / Founder Circular Cities Asia , Renergii Singapore

    Paula is one of the most inspiring, down to earth entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Where sustainability, brilliant ideas and loving kindness meet. Her net-zero architecture inspired us to live more sustainably. Her vision and perseverance is unprecedented. Working with her is a no brainer, I know we will.

    Julie Spark

    Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Soraya Foundation