Climate Activism

Walk the talk and show others that a positive change is possible. Join the movement.

Why climate activism?

In Bambook Studio we are committed to living a more sustainable life. We focus on reducing emissions, promoting zero waste programmes, implementing net zero strategies and educating the public about climate change. With more than 15 years of experience in sustainability, we are currently actively engaged in climate activism and pro bono sustainability projects. We participate in both existing initiatives and the creation of new ones to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future. This decade has been declared the Decade of Action by the United Nations, and Bambook Studio is committed to taking meaningful action to preserve the planet for future generations.

What is our main focus

Leading the climate activism movement in the region

Solutions for Lower Emissions

Learn how to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment by reducing your emissions and creating positive impact.

Zero Waste Solutions

Preserve natural resources and reduce your environmental impact by reducing waste, learning how to take care of it and choosing consciously.

Net Zero Strategies

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a level that can be absorbed by the environment that your project is helping improve.

Pro-Bono Sustainable Projects

Bambook Studio participates in sustainable projects to promote sustainability and climate activism.

Waste Management Guides

With our waste management guides you can get on the road to zero waste.

Sustainable Markets

We support the growth of a green economy by creating and facilitating sustainable markets that offer businesses the opportunity to shift to more sustainable practices.

Our Projects/Initiatives

Successful implementations and collaborations for environmental and social impact

Lombok Eco Flea Market

The Lombok Eco Flea Market is a community of local vendors who have come together to sell collectively under an umbrella brand that only allows eco-friendly and waste-free products from the island of Lombok.

Plastic Neutral Locations

Honest Ocean and Paula Huerta are working as sustainability consultants with UNRAM (Mataram University) to learn how to facilitate plastic-neutral places and events on the island of Lombok and in the province of Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia.

Waste Management Guide of Best Practise

Bambook Studio, together with the Invest Islands Foundation, has developed a series of Best Practises Waste Management Guides for South Lombok to encourage locals, entrepreneurs and tourists to engage with the best waste management solutions that already exist in the region.

Chief Sustainability Officer

8Circular is a young start-up based in Madrid, Spain, focused on finding solutions to a massive global problem: managing bio-waste, refining it into high quality end products and introducing an environmentally friendly circular economy model into our food systems.

Climate Action Alliance
Board Member

The European Chamber of Technology is an NGO that brings together people and organisations who share the vision of shaping our common future.

BSF Sengkol

BSF Sengkol is a black soldier fly organic waste processing center (BSF), the first project of its kind in Lombok, strategically located near the Mandalika development, a new tourism master plan of ITDC National Indonesian Tourism Company.


Climate activism is social and political activism that aims to raise awareness and ultimately mitigate the effects of climate change by advocating and educating for climate-friendly policies, practices and technologies.

Climate activism is important because it helps to raise attention to the urgent need for action to combat climate change and to drive the policy and societal changes needed to mitigate the impacts of climate change and transition to a more sustainable future.

While the most common activities of climate activists  include organising and participating in protests, marches and rallies, another way to do it is by running pro-bono educational or sustainable projects that can help communities and in general help by action and lobbying elected representatives and decision-makers, and raising awareness through media and social media campaigns.

Individuals can get involved in climate action by joining local and national organisations working on climate-related issues, donating time and resources to support climate-friendly initiatives, and sharing information and resources with friends, family and social networks.

Climate activism can make a big difference by raising awareness and increasing public pressure for action on climate change, pushing for the implementation of climate-friendly policies and promoting the use of sustainable technologies and practices. Climate activism can also inspire individuals and communities to take action and change their lives themselves, contributing to a larger collective effort against climate change.

Any requests?

Reach out to us for any requests. Our team is dedicated to providing flexible and personalized support for all of your needs.

    What clients loved the most

    We had been searching for pioneers who have the courage, motivation and innovative ideas to try a new waste management pilot in Southern Lombok. Paula Huerta and her office Bambook Studio, not only has their team compassionately dedicated their time and resources to deliver, but instead they now became the main sustainability driver of the project and beyond. Would always be happy if there would be opportunities for collaboration again in the future.

    Kathrin Pape

    Development Advisor for Employment in Sustainable Tourism at GIZ Lombok, Indonesia

    Working with Bambook Studio has been an absolute pleasure. Paula has been a great collaborator and her commitment to tackling environmental challenges is truly inspiring. I’m especially impressed by the level of detail and effort they put into our collaborative waste management and reforestation projects – it’s clear that Bambook Studio genuinely cares about the planet!


    Director Invest Islands Foundation

    Paula is one of the most inspiring, down to earth entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Where sustainability, brilliant ideas and loving kindness meet. Her net-zero architecture inspired us to live more sustainably. Her vision and perseverance is unprecedented. Working with her is a no brainer, I know we will.

    Julie Spark

    Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Soraya Foundation

    I love working with Paula. I learned a lot from Paula in running an environment project and building networking to support our project on waste management in Lombok Island. She is so energetic and innovative.

    Aula Askina

    NTB Governor Office: Accelerating Zero Waste Program NTB Bebas Sampah