Lombok Eco Flea Market

Climate Activism

Founded by: Paula Huerta
Year: 2019
Instagram: @lombok.eco.market

The Lombok Eco Flea Market is a community of local vendors who have come together to sell collectively under an umbrella brand that only allows eco-friendly and waste-free products from the island of Lombok.

The LEFM was launched in 2019 by Paula Huerta (BAMBOOK STUDIO) completely free of charge to bring together conscious businesses and create a larger green action community.

With one market per month, the Lombok Eco Flea Market is a pop-up concept promoting Lombok’s most inspiring conscious businesses in the different tourist areas of Lombok Island, combining market events with educational workshops and activities.

Working with Bamboo studio gives you a treasure of resources on how to live sustainably.  

Paula as founder of project Lombok Eco flea market, she is an example of sustainability, not just in a professional or business capacity but also in the way she educates, and involves the community to establish more circular economy standards, eco -friendly and sustainable practices to improve their lifestyle and ecopreneurship.

You want to be sustainable- her studio is your correct guide. Highly recommend it!

Danica Badovinac

President of Lombok eco flea market