Malia Development

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Location: South Lombok
Year: 2023
Instagram: @malialombok

Malia is an eco-luxury community development in Tampah, intended as a unique destination for living in harmony with nature. It combines a regenerative reforestation project started 5 years ago with a low-density, low-impact housing development that promotes nature while meeting the highest standards.

Bambook Studio is the sustainability consultant for the project, helping the client to make informed decisions and develop sustainable strategies with the necessary feasibility studies:

  • Passive Design.
  • Improving energy performance and reducing energy consumption.
  • Water efficiency.
  • Improving drainage and impact on water runoff.
  • Sustainable materials and suppliers.
  • Construction waste management and erosion control.
  • Development of a circular economy system for operations.
We have worked with Paula doing the sustainability strategy for our project. She is a true visionary in the field of sustainability. She has incredible experience and passion for pioneering new concepts to bring about true sustainable development. She is dedicated and has gone above and beyond to implement the steps needed. We are grateful for the dedication and extremely high level of work she has provided for us. We would highly recommend working with her.

Rachel Pascoe

Owner Malia Development