Mandala Eco Village

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Location: South Lombok
Rainwater collection: 60m3
Built-up area:. 600m2 approx
Year: 2018
Interview with Paula
Instagram: @mandala_ecovillage
LinkedIn: @mandala-eco-village

Mandala Eco Village aims to become an ecologically conscious, sustainable community that values the planet as much as its inhabitants. Through nature revitalisation, reusable energy, rainwater harvesting and a goal of zero waste, Mandala Eco-Village aims to set a significant example that can inspire other developments and the tourism sector in Lombok, and play its part in creating a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Bambook Studio was engaged at an early stage to develop the sustainable framework and assisted the client in defining the vision, objectives, metrics and ultimately the sustainable strategies to be implemented in the project so that it can become a benchmark for green and conscious development in the region.

Bambook Studio conducted a series of meetings and an eco-chat with all stakeholders to follow an integrated planning process, which is important to make informed decisions and understand the potential impacts of the sustainability strategies and their feasibility in the project.

We worked with Bambook in 2021 as our Sustainability Consultant on our Sustainability Framework planning and stakeholders eco-charrette for our Mandala Eco-Village project in Lombok – Paula was brilliant in leading this workshop where her experience in this field was a key factor in collecting all opinions from our field experts and driving the brainstorming session from start to finish, and providing us with a quality sustainability report that sets all the guidelines needed to deliver our project.

Kevin Deisser

CEO Founder Invest Islands