Net Zero Architecture

Architecture that doesn’t contribute to Climate Change, as they produce at site all the energy and water that it needs.

What is net zero architecture?

Net zero architecture refers to a building or multi-building project that produces at SITE all the energy and water that the buildings consume and thus doesn’t contribute to climate change. This is achieved through energy-efficient construction and the use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems. However, the definition of Net zero doesn’t take into account energy and water consumption during the construction phase or the production of building materials, which lead to significant emissions.

How we help

By incorporating bio-climatic design and strategies and covering them with onsite renewable energy sources and water efficiency systems

Integrated Design Solutions

Where all the stakeholders and systems are taken into consideration to ensure maximal thermal comfort while minimizing energy and water use.

Site Orientation

Make sure your building is designed to fit the site and take advantage of it. We study the orientation, wind flows and sun paths to incorporate the best passive strategies after.

Passive Design Strategies

To take advantage of the Natural Elements, we are passive design experts, the first step when designing Sustainable Architecture.

Energy Efficiency

Lower Operational CO2 emissions and Energy Bills by designing robust and efficient energy systems.

Water Solutions

Reduce water consumption through the implementation of strategies such as water treatment, water reuse and rainwater capture.

Healthy Buildings

Ensure healthy air and living quality by implementing strategies that avoid materials with off gassing, increasing ventilation and reducing indoor humidity.

Sustainable Materials

Reduce the environmental impact of the project by specifying sustainable materials with low embodied energy and sustainably sourced.

Net-Zero Emissions Target

In Lombok electricity comes from Diesel or Coal, so achieving a net-zero emissions requires a holistic approach that combines Efficiency through Building Physics and Renewable Energy.

Our Clients

Successful implementations for environmental and social impact

Siwak Net Zero House & Bungalow​

Siwak Bamboo House is the first Low Impact Net Zero house we designed and built on Lombok. It combines a larger house, the Villa, and a smaller guest house, the Bungalow, which complement each other harmoniously.

Off Grid Eco Retreat

Off Grid Retreat is the first Low Impact Net Zero Retreat/Project in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Designed by a renowned bio-construction architectural studio, this project will be a milestone in Indonesia’s most sustainable projects ever made.

Villa Serena Net Zero

Villa Serena is the first net zero luxury villa in Lombok. Completed in early 2020 and built to the highest standards, Villa Serena is a spectacular structure with incredible views of Kuta Bay and will become a lasting landmark in Lombok’s architectural history.

Xanadu Boutique Retreat

Xanadu Boutique Retreat is a luxury eco-hotel located in the hills of Kuta Lombok. Completed in 2022, the 2750 sqm hotel is located in the hills of Kuta Lombok, surrounded by a dense mahogany forest.


NET ZERO architecture refers to the performance of the building. 
How much water and electricity the building consumes throughout its operations. When we say a building is NET ZERO, it means that the building produces at SITE all the energy and water that the building consumes.

Net-zero architecture is important because it helps to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and minimise waste. This helps to reduce the impact of buildings on the environment and create more sustainable communities. In a nutshell NET ZERO means that the building DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE TO CLIMATE CHANGE.

The benefits of net-zero architecture include lower energy costs, water costs, better indoor air quality and lower CO2 emissions for the planet. Net-zero buildings because they don’t need to buy electricity or water from outside they don’t contribute to Climate Change.

You can achieve that by installing Solar Panels in the roof, or having rain water capture, but the key is always to design a building that minimizes energy and water consumption, because then it is so much easier and cheaper to implement the strategies that cover that consumption.

There are many measures you can take to make your building more energy efficient. Depending on the type of building, the building usage and its design. In order to build a Net Zero building it is essential to engage a consultant that helps the design team do so or engage a Sustainable Net Zero expert Architectural company.

Any requests?

Reach out to us for any requests. Our team is dedicated to providing flexible and personalized support for all of your needs.

    What clients loved the most

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing work you did in building our holiday house to such a high standard, despite the difficulties that come with constructing such a structure in Lombok. Your expertise and commitment to quality are truly commendable, and we are thrilled with the final result.

    Mavis Au

    Owner of Villa Serena Net Zero

    My company and myself have been working with Paula and her Bamboo for many many years with a lot of success. She knows the environment very well and works with very high standard values. Totally recommended.

    Jean Marc Reyner

    CEO - Naga Indo Real State Developer

    We have worked with Bambook team on several Residential & commercial projects and have been impressed by their understanding of renewable energy  and the importance of energy efficiency. The difference with other consultancies is especially showing when it comes to the implementation, their hands-on and practical know-how is impressive and a real value add for the project developer.

    Marc Pop

    CEO Founder Smart Energy

    Bambook Studio were responsible for architectural, structural and sustainable design of our project as well as construction coordination. The team, with Paula at the helm, is extremely professional and fully committed to delivering the highest quality of services. I’m pretty sure without Bambook’s expertise and construction coordination effort, our project would not have been delivered so quickly. Highly recommended!

    Alexandra Wozniak

    Owner Xanadu Surf & Yoga Retreat