Advancing Net Zero and decabornisation through sustainable architecture and design.

Villa Mariposa Net Zero

Villa Mariposa is a Traditional Gladak Design 3 bedroom villa part of our Catalogue of pre-designed villas built in Lombok. 
Completed in early 2023, Villa Mariposa among its design features has: High Ceilings, fully cross ventilated, open plan living areas to back and front garden, exposed wood beams and wooden work, open lush tropical gardens in all bathrooms, locally handcrafted furnishings are just some of the design highlights.


Villa Loft 100% OffGrid

Villa Loft is a custom made one bedroom unit for a couple living in South Lombok. Completed in early 2023 Villa Loft offers all the comforts of home in a tropical, modern oasis while being compact and very well distributed. In terms of Sustainability, this house goes beyond the standard Sustainable Strategies we always apply (Waste Water Treatment, Solar Back Up System, etc) and they are totally off-grid  with a large solar + battery system.


Villa Dos Palmas

Villa Dos Palmas is a combination of a Three Bedroom Semihobbit Villa and a Loft One Storey. Both part of our Catalogue of pre-designed villas built in Lombok. With a built process of less than a year, Villa Dos Palmas is an amazing spot with large accommodation and beautiful garden.  It mixes a modern interior design style and tropical architecture and the highest quality built.

Xanadu Boutique Retreat

Xanadu Boutique Retreat is a luxury eco-hotel located in the hills of Kuta Lombok. Completed in 2022, the 2750 sqm hotel is located in the hills of Kuta Lombok, surrounded by a dense mahogany forest.

Villa Serena Net Zero

Villa Serena is the first net zero luxury villa in Lombok. Completed in early 2020 and built to the highest standards, Villa Serena is a spectacular structure with incredible views of Kuta Bay and will become a lasting landmark in Lombok’s architectural history.

Villa Utamaro

Villa Utamaro is truly unique and is located in a unique enclave. Right on the edge of the Gerupuk peninsula, overlooking the entire bay and offering 360° panoramic views, this house is a true jewel in the south of Lombok.

Mama Pizza Lombok

The focal point of the Mama Pizza restaurant is the two large mango trees that successively border the front outdoor seating area and the interior courtyard (patio).

Kirikan Villas​

Kirikan Villas are two sister villas hidden in the forest of Selong Belanak Hills. Designed to fit the contours of the site and the many coconut trees, the villas are a blend of industrial and tropical styles. With passive design strategies and rainwater harvesting, the villas not only blend in with the surroundings, but are also a true gem with all the amenities a modern home needs.

Siwak Net Zero House & Bungalow​

Siwak Bamboo House is the first Low Impact Net Zero house we designed and built on Lombok. It combines a larger house, the Villa, and a smaller guest house, the Bungalow, which complement each other harmoniously.

Nusa Ulu Villas

Villa Nusa Ulu in Air Guling is one of our first prefabricated villas in Lombok. Villa Nusa Ulu was designed and built in less than a year. It’s the perfect example of a family-friendly home with modern, tropical architecture and the highest quality of construction.

Villa Alba

Villa Alba is one of our first prefabricated villas built in Lombok. With a design and construction process of less than a year, Villa Alba is the perfect example of a mid-rise home with modern and tropical architecture and the highest quality of construction.

Wood Cabin

The Wood Cabin was designed to meet the needs of Lombok’s growing expat community and satisfy their demand for an eco-friendly, comfortable home that meets Western standards while being affordable, fast and easy to build.

Villa Sorgas

This luxurious villa, unique in its surroundings, has a living area of 400 m² distributed over two floors. With four master bedrooms, two dining and living areas, private terraces surrounded by gardens, and breathtaking views.

Karar Boutique Hotel

Karar Lombok Leisure Boutique Hotel is a 3-star resort located directly on the beach of Bumbang in the south of Lombok. The concept is based on the idea of creating a comfortable and unique landmark reminiscent of traditional Indonesian architecture with a touch of modernity and style.

Duur Apartments

This residential complex in the heart of Seminyak is a truly ecological project that maximizes space while providing unique, luxurious apartments.

Off Grid Eco Retreat

Off Grid Retreat is the first Low Impact Net Zero Retreat/Project in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Designed by a renowned bio-construction architectural studio, this project will be a milestone in Indonesia’s most sustainable projects ever made.

BSF Sengkol

BSF Sengkol is a black soldier fly organic waste processing center (BSF), the first project of its kind in Lombok, strategically located near the Mandalika development, a new tourism master plan of ITDC National Indonesian Tourism Company.

Malia Retreat

Malia is an eco-lux community development in Tampah, thought as a unique destination to live in harmony with nature, combining a project of regenerative reforestation which started already 5 years ago with a low density and low impact living community that can enhance nature while living to the highest standards.

Mandala Eco Village

Mandala Eco Village aims to become an ecologically conscious, sustainable community that values the planet as much as its inhabitants. Through nature revitalisation, reusable energy, rainwater harvesting and a goal of zero waste, Mandala Eco-Village aims to set a significant example that can inspire other developments and the tourism sector in Lombok, and play its part in creating a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Sustainable Consulting
Honest Ocean

Paula Huerta recently joined PT Honest Ocean, a leading plastic recycling and waste management company in Indonesia, as a sustainability consultant. Paula Huerta has many years of experience in developing business models for waste management in collaboration with the NTB Zero Waste programme. With PT Honest Ocean, it’s now time to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a Circular Zero Waste Island.

Bumi Cinta

Bumi Cinta Bali is a future eco-retreat centre consciously conceived and designed to conduct transformative detoxification, wellness and healing retreats that support human and planetary evolution.

Chief Sustainability Officer

8Circular is a young start-up based in Madrid, Spain, focused on finding solutions to a massive global problem: managing bio-waste, refining it into high quality end products and introducing an environmentally friendly circular economy model into our food systems.

Climate Action Alliance
Board Member

The European Chamber of Technology is an NGO that brings together people and organisations who share the vision of shaping our common future.

Renergii & Circular Cities Asia

RENERGii Ventures Pte. Ltd (“RENERGii”) is a Singapore-based venture studio focused on the food, feed, AgTech and wellness industries in Asia. Its primary focus is on building new start-ups that leverage lean innovation ideas and circular economy principles to make food systems in Asian cities more resilient, environmentally sustainable and accessible.

Lombok Eco Flea Market

The Lombok Eco Flea Market is a community of local vendors who have come together to sell collectively under an umbrella brand that only allows eco-friendly and waste-free products from the island of Lombok.

Plastic Neutral Locations

Honest Ocean and Paula Huerta are working as sustainability consultants with UNRAM (Mataram University) to learn how to facilitate plastic-neutral places and events on the island of Lombok and in the province of Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia.

Waste Management Guide of Best Practise

Bambook Studio, together with the Invest Islands Foundation, has developed a series of Best Practises Waste Management Guides for South Lombok to encourage locals, entrepreneurs and tourists to engage with the best waste management solutions that already exist in the region.

What clients loved the most

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing work you did in building our holiday house to such a high standard, despite the difficulties that come with constructing such a structure in Lombok. Your expertise and commitment to quality are truly commendable, and we are thrilled with the final result.


Owner of Villa Serena Net Zero

Since my first visit to Lombok to look for a plot to build a villa on in 2018 she has been helping us greatly as a designer, an architect, a construction project manager and a good family friend. Bambook kept us well informed on the progress during the material selection and construction and the villa was built on budget cost and timeline wise despite the pandemic. Our experience does not end there as Paula is always there to help and provide us with advice and recommendation when we need.

Tark Miyai

Owner of villa Utamaro

Bambook studio provided exceptional end to end service for our villa project in Lombok. From architecture, design, engineering, permit planning, and construction management. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality made the whole process completely seamless.

Corinne Allan

Owner of Villa Nusa Ulu

We have worked with Bambook Studios now on two villa projects in Lombok and there isn’t anyone else we would work with here. Not only do they have great design skills and are extremely professional, responsive and detail oriented, they have the on the ground experience to navigate the issues that you may come up against building in a location like Lombok. This has been invaluable to us and has meant that we’ve been able to deliver our villas on time and on budget. We truly believe you need Bambook Studios on your team for a hassle free building experience!

Tom Merret & Lucy Elliot

Owner Villa Alba - Real Estate Reef Property Lombok

Bambook Studio were responsible for architectural, structural and sustainable design of our project as well as construction coordination. The team, with Paula at the helm, is extremely professional and fully committed to delivering the highest quality of services. I’m pretty sure without Bambook’s expertise and construction coordination effort, our project would not have been delivered so quickly. Highly recommended!

Alexandra Wozniak

Owner Xanadu Surf & Yoga Retreat