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Duur Apartments

About This Project

This residential complex in the heart of Seminyak stands as a truly eco project that maximises the space while providing for unique luxurious apartments.

Compared to all the other projects we have done in Lombok, where normally we have plenty of space and freedom of design, this project stands out for the difficulty of designing top quality liveable spaces, while dealing with a really small site typical of Bali, where there is much more development.

The efficiency of the floor plans and the great functionality of the building is the result of a thoughtful design process that has achieve the maximum level in all aspects, design, privacy, comfort, luxury living and sustainable design.

The three-story building has 4 units of 1 bedroom apartments, 2 units of 2 bedroom apartments and a penthouse. Surrounded by rain gardens, it also has two pools and other common areas where the residents can spend their time relaxing and enjoying the quality of the space.

Like everything we do, this project complies with the maximum standards of Sustainable Architecture. Everything has been thought of, Passive Design, Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency and Treatment, Waste Management, Indoor Environmental Quality, Users Green Education… etc.

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