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Villa Sorgas

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About This Project

This luxurious villa, unique in its surroundings, has a floor space of 400 sqm divided in two floors. With four master bedrooms, two dining and living spaces, private terraces surrounded by gardens encompassed by the most amazing views, this house reflects an innovative luxurious design, by mixing a reinterpretation of Indonesian Traditional Architecture and incorporating Western Standards.


Being the first development taking place on this beautiful location, our responsibility was to ensure the house would blend with its surroundings to sustain the value of the neighbouring environment. We thought of systems in which the sun, the earth, the wind, the trees, the hills around it and the sea view would complement the design of the house. Designed only with passive strategies, the shape of the house enhances the living experience and the thermal comfort. The two-storey house is surrounded by a wide green corridor for circulation and gardening that allows for cross ventilation at all times. While working in synergy, the wooden roofs and stone walls are strategically positioned to shelter the building from the sun reducing the heat loads to assure appropriate comfort without the need of energy intensive technologies such as air-con.

For more information about the house, please visit the owner’s website:

Location: South Lombok

Built Area: Approx. 400m2

Year: 2015


house, lombok, sustainable design