Siwak Bamboo House & Bungalow

Bio Construction / Net Zero Project

Sustainability strategy by: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Landscape by: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Location: South Lombok
Built-up area:. about 200m2
Solar system: 7kva by Smart Energy
Year: 2011

Siwak Bamboo House is the first Low Impact Net Zero house we designed and built on Lombok. It combines a larger house, the Villa, and a smaller guest house, the Bungalow, which complement each other harmoniously. It was built entirely of bamboo and natural local materials, and constructed using only a screwdriver. Inspired by traditional Batak houses in Sumatra, the driving concept behind the design was to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible and be self-sufficient. The design is the result of careful passive house planning, where we studied solar radiation and air flows and conducted solar studies. The building is located in a pristine valley overlooking the ocean. So the challenge was to enhance the environment rather than harm it. In addition, with its 3.7KV solar system and deep well, the house is completely independent of the power grid.

The passive strategies incorporated into the design keep the house cool during the day and night without the need for air conditioning. The gray and black water is treated at the treatment plant and then reused for irrigation. The pool is connected to the solar system, doesn’t consume chlorine because it’s equipped with an ionizer, and its backwash water is discharged directly into the wastewater garden and reused for irrigation.