Sustainability Consulting

Reduce your environmental impact, achieve carbon neutrality and plan a sustainable, long-term vision.

What is sustainability consulting?

Bambook Studio offers a comprehensive solution to help you achieve environmental sustainability. Our services include creating a customised sustainability plan, implementing climate change mitigation strategies, reducing carbon emissions, lowering energy and water costs, reducing waste, improving corporate sustainability and creating positive social and economic impacts. Our approach includes developing sustainable strategies, optimising urban development/building performance, transitioning to low-carbon operations and moving towards a circular economy.

How we help

Sustainable Strategies and Optimized Building Performance

Tailored Sustainability Framework

Get a custom plan for your project that factors operations, emissions targets, waste reduction and long term vision resilience.

Climate Mitigation Strategies

Incorporate sustainable strategies to reduce carbon emissions, improve the natural capital and ensure resources.

Integrated Design Solutions

Where all the stakeholders and systems are taken into consideration to ensure maximal thermal comfort while minimizing energy and water use.

Net-Zero Emissions Target

In Lombok electricity comes from Diesel or Coal, so achieving a net-zero emissions requires a holistic approach that combines Efficiency through Building Physics and Renewable Energy.

Lower your Impact

Reduce carbon emissions, energy and water monthly bills, and lower the amount of waste going to landfill.

Circular Business Model

Improve the resilience of your business by incorporating Circular Economy Business Strategies by recirculating materials and let nature time to restore itself.

Positive Community Impact

Because we are running out of time, is it key to share knowledge and always commit to contribute to a more sustainable future for all

Our Clients

Successful implementations for environmental and social impact

Off Grid Eco Retreat

Off Grid Retreat is the first Low Impact Net Zero Retreat/Project in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. Designed by a renowned bio-construction architectural studio, this project will be a milestone in Indonesia’s most sustainable projects ever made.

Mandala Eco Village

Mandala Eco Village aims to become an ecologically conscious, sustainable community that values the planet as much as its inhabitants. Through nature revitalisation, reusable energy, rainwater harvesting and a goal of zero waste, Mandala Eco-Village aims to set a significant example that can inspire other developments and the tourism sector in Lombok, and play its part in creating a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

Sustainable Consulting
Honest Ocean

Paula Huerta recently joined PT Honest Ocean, a leading plastic recycling and waste management company in Indonesia, as a sustainability consultant. Paula Huerta has many years of experience in developing business models for waste management in collaboration with the NTB Zero Waste programme. With PT Honest Ocean, it’s now time to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a Circular Zero Waste Island.

Bumi Cinta

Bumi Cinta Bali is a future eco-retreat centre consciously conceived and designed to conduct transformative detoxification, wellness and healing retreats that support human and planetary evolution.

Malia Retreat

Malia is an eco-lux community development in Tampah, thought as a unique destination to live in harmony with nature, combining a project of regenerative reforestation which started already 5 years ago with a low density and low impact living community that can enhance nature while living to the highest standards.


Sustainable Landscape refers to when the garden incorporates multiple strategies to create an environmentally friendly and climate appropriate landscape.

Sustainable Landscapes create resilient gardens, which are diverse and healthy and do not need excessive resources to survive. 

From design to installation, soil management, erosion control, water management, passive irrigation techniques, etc. but always understanding the context and climate, and focusing on mimicking nature and ensuring that the garden will be diverse and regenerative.

Sustainable Landscapes help you save money from irrigation, pesticides or herbicides, improves soil and attracts pollinators. Sustainable Landscape is also beautiful and needs less maintenance than regular old school gardens. long-term environmental and regulatory costs.

When selecting a sustainable landscaper, look for experience and expertise in their industry, a portfolio of sustainable landscape projecs projects, and a commitment to transparency and communication throughout the consulting process. It’s also important to choose a consultant that aligns with your company’s sustainability goals and values.

Any requests?

Reach out to us for any requests. Our team is dedicated to providing flexible and personalized support for all of your needs.

    What clients loved the most

    We worked with Bambook in 2021 as our Sustainability Consultant on our Sustainability Framework planning and stakeholders eco-charrette for our Mandala Eco-Village project in Lombok – Paula was brilliant in leading this workshop where her experience in this field was a key factor in collecting all opinions from our field experts and driving the brainstorming session from start to finish, and providing us with a quality sustainability report that sets all the guidelines needed to deliver our project.

    Kevin Deisser

    CEO Founder Invest Islands

    In the pursuit of making an ecological difference while being in the construction business, we were recommended to contact Paula from PT Bambook, which turned out to be one of the project’s cornerstones. The importance of sustainable approach from the moment of setting up foundation until laying down last brick is especially needed in Indonesia. Paula has done an extensive work – sharing her experience and knowledge from energy efficiency to MEP optimization, to sustainable materials and waste management, as well as setting standards for our team!

    Teodora Zizenco

    Secret Off Grid Retreat in Indonesia - PM

    We have worked with Bambook team on several Residential & commercial projects and have been impressed by their understanding of renewable energy  and the importance of energy efficiency. The difference with other consultancies is especially showing when it comes to the implementation, their hands-on and practical know-how is impressive and a real value add for the project developer.

    Marc Pop

    CEO Founder Smart Energy

    Bambook for me is talent at service of people and nature. Paula & the team have manage to create beauty while keeping the highest sustainable standards, it’s always a joy to collaborate and learn from them.

    Pablo Luna

    From Pablo Luna Studio