Sustainable Landscape

Designing resilient and robust gardens which are environmental friendly and climate appropriate.

What is Sustainable Landscaping?

At Bambook Studio we have been designing and installing landscapes since our beginnings in 2014. Our approach is based on the permaculture principles, where we pay special attention to the earth, the people and the natural systems. We believe that landscape needs to bring life, resiliency, diversity and regeneration and it must be designed together with the architectural systems where in combination they become allies for a better future.

How we help

Designing & Installing Sustainable Landscaping

Waste Water Gardens

Treat and reuse your waste water without the need of machines while creating beautiful and colourful gardens.

Vegetation Screens & Green Canopy

Design gardens together with the architecture to strategically provide temperature control and shading mechanisms for the habitable spaces.

Soil Retention & Stabilisation

For steep areas, design gardens with deep rooted grasses like vetiver grass that can establish quickly and that can help you retain your soil, avoid erosion and improve sediment control.


Because a garden is more that just a collection of plants, biodiversity is key to create an ecosystem where a large community of plants, pollinators, birds and other organisms work together to form a balanced ecosystem.

Erosion Control & Water Infiltration

Implement Permaculture techniques such as berms, swales, retention ponds and rain gardens to control erosion during storms and improve water infiltration to replenish the underground aquifers.

Soil Management

Minimise soil moisture loss and improve its biology by nurturing it with different techniques such as adding an organic matter cover, mulching, covercrops, etc.

Storm Water Management

Implement Permaculture techniques such as green roofs, berms, swales, retention ponds, rain gardens etc to slow down water runoffs, control erosion during storms and improve water infiltration to replenish the underground aquifers.

Reinjection Wells

Implement Permaculture techniques such as green roofs, berms, swales, retention ponds, rain gardens etc to slow down water runoffs, control erosion during storms and improve water infiltration to replenish the underground aquifers.


Create a mix between soft and hardscapes to enhance the architectural experience while maintaining the evapotranspiration of the ground cover.

Our Clients

Successful implementations of Sustainable Landscaping

Siwak Net Zero House & Bungalow​

Siwak Bamboo House is the first Low Impact Net Zero house we designed and built on Lombok. It combines a larger house, the Villa, and a smaller guest house, the Bungalow, which complement each other harmoniously.

Xanadu Boutique Retreat

Xanadu Boutique Retreat is a luxury eco-hotel located in the hills of Kuta Lombok. Completed in 2022, the 2750 sqm hotel is located in the hills of Kuta Lombok, surrounded by a dense mahogany forest.

Villa Serena Net Zero

Villa Serena is the first net zero luxury villa in Lombok. Completed in early 2020 and built to the highest standards, Villa Serena is a spectacular structure with incredible views of Kuta Bay and will become a lasting landmark in Lombok’s architectural history.

Villa Utamaro

Villa Utamaro is truly unique and is located in a unique enclave. Right on the edge of the Gerupuk peninsula, overlooking the entire bay and offering 360° panoramic views, this house is a true jewel in the south of Lombok.

Villa Alba

Villa Alba is one of our first prefabricated villas built in Lombok. With a design and construction process of less than a year, Villa Alba is the perfect example of a mid-rise home with modern and tropical architecture and the highest quality of construction.


Sustainable Landscape refers to when the garden incorporates multiple strategies to create an environmentally friendly and climate appropriate landscape.

Sustainable Landscapes create resilient gardens, which are diverse and healthy and do not need excessive resources to survive. 

From design to installation, soil management, erosion control, water management, passive irrigation techniques, etc. but always understanding the context and climate, and focusing on mimicking nature and ensuring that the garden will be diverse and regenerative.

Sustainable Landscapes help you save money from irrigation, pesticides or herbicides, improves soil and attracts pollinators. Sustainable Landscape is also beautiful and needs less maintenance than regular old school gardens. long-term environmental and regulatory costs.

When selecting a sustainable landscaper, look for experience and expertise in their industry, a portfolio of sustainable landscape projecs projects, and a commitment to transparency and communication throughout the consulting process. It’s also important to choose a consultant that aligns with your company’s sustainability goals and values.

Any requests?

Reach out to us for any requests. Our team is dedicated to providing flexible and personalized support for all of your needs.

    What clients loved the most

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing work you did in building our holiday house to such a high standard, despite the difficulties that come with constructing such a structure in Lombok. Your expertise and commitment to quality are truly commendable, and we are thrilled with the final result.

    Mavis Au

    Owner Villa Serena Net Zero

    Since my first visit to Lombok to look for a plot to build a villa on in 2018 she has been helping us greatly as a designer, an architect, a construction project manager and a good family friend. Bambook kept us well informed on the progress during the material selection and construction and the villa was built on budget cost and timeline wise despite the pandemic. Our experience does not end there as Paula is always there to help and provide us with advice and recommendation when we need.

    Takehiro Miyai

    Owner of Villa Utamaro

    Bambook Studio were responsible for architectural, structural and sustainable design of our project as well as construction coordination. The team, with Paula at the helm, is extremely professional and fully committed to delivering the highest quality of services. I’m pretty sure without Bambook’s expertise and construction coordination effort, our project would not have been delivered so quickly. Highly recommended!

    Alexandra Wozniak

    Owner Xanadu Surf & Yoga Retreat

    We have worked with Bambook Studios now on two villa projects in Lombok and there isn’t anyone else we would work with here. Not only do they have great design skills and are extremely professional, responsive and detail oriented, they have the on the ground experience to navigate the issues that you may come up against building in a location like Lombok. This has been invaluable to us and has meant that we’ve been able to deliver our villas on time and on budget. We truly believe you need Bambook Studios on your team for a hassle free building experience!

    Tom Merret & Lucy Elliot

    Owner Villa Alba - Real Estate Reef Property Lombok