Villa Alba

Catalogue Villa

Designed by: BAMBOOK STUDIO Built by: BAMBOOK STUDIO Landscaping by: BAMBOOK STUDIO Sustainability strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO Location: South Lombok Solar system: 3.5kVa Built-up area:. approx. 120m2 Year: 2019 Instagram: @villa_alba_lombok

Villa Alba is one of our first pre-designed villas built in Lombok. With a designed and built process of less than a year, Villa Alba is the perfect example of medium size house with modern and tropical style architecture and the highest quality built.

Completed in early 2019 and built to the highest standards, Villa Alba offers all the comforts of home in a tropical, modern oasis. Polished concrete floors, open plan living, exposed wood beam ceilings, sliding glass doors and locally handcrafted furnishings are just some of the design highlights.

In terms of Sustainable performance and strategies, the clients were also very passionate about the environment and encourage us to ensured that the villas were passively designed where orientation, cross ventilation and low albedo materials play a huge role in the house to assure minimal thermal loads. On top of that, the villa includes solar power and hot solar water to reduce as much as possible its carbon footprint.