Villa Nusa Ulu

Catalogue Villa

Designed by: BAMBOOK STUDIO Built by: BAMBOOK STUDIO Landscaping by: BAMBOOK STUDIO Sustainability strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO Location: South Lombok Solar system: 3.5kVa Built-up area:. approx. 150m2 Year: 2019 Instagram: @nusa_ulu_lombok

Villa Nusa Ulu in Air Guling is one of our first pre-designed villas in Lombok. Villa Nusa Ulu was designed and built in less than a year. It’s the perfect example of a family-friendly home with modern, tropical architecture and the highest quality of construction. The three-bedroom villa combines a large indoor space with a large outdoor area and an infinity pool that frames the spectacular views.

Completed in early 2019 and built to the highest standards, Villa Nusa Ulu offers all the comforts of home in a tropical, modern oasis. The orientation and privileged location of the house, with its incredible ocean views, combined with the open plan living area and cross ventilation, are in line with the solar and wind studies carried out to ensure passive thermal comfort without the need for an energy intensive strategy.

In addition, the villa has a solar system and hot water heating to reduce the environmental footprint as much as possible.

Bambook studio provided exceptional end to end service for our villa project in Lombok. From architecture, design, engineering, permit planning, and construction management. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to quality made the whole process completely seamless.

Corinne Allan

Owner of Villa Nusa Ulu