Waste Management

Implementing zero waste solutions and programs

What is waste management?

At Bambook Studio we have been working with the government program “Accelerating Zero Waste” on the islands of Lombok and Bali in Indonesia for 5 years to address the problem of poor waste management. We have introduced a circular economy model with their project “BSF Lombok”, the first organic waste recycling plant using black soldier fly technology. We  have also produced a waste management guide for South Lombok to help local businesses and households avoid waste and keep waste out of landfills. Currently our Director Paula Huerta, is currently consulting for PT. Honest Ocean to create the first Plastic Processing Plants in Lombok and Sumbawa. Our aim is to develop waste management solutions that contribute to food security and community resilience.

How we help

Providing waste to value + zero waste Solutions

Zero Waste Solutions

Preserve natural resources and reduce your environmental impact by reducing waste, learning how to take care of it and choosing consciously.

Organic Waste Conversion

Promoting BSF Organic Waste Conversion Technology to turn food and other organic waste into valuable resources such as fertilizer, animal feed and energy to reduce waste in landfills and improve soil health and fertility.

Private-Public Partnerships

Provide funding and support for waste management programmes and increase public awareness and support for sustainability initiatives.

Waste Management

Our services include helping you and your project with the design and implementation of a proper waste management strategy and system that reduces your waste impact as much as possible.

Circular Economy Consulting and Design

Improve the resilience of your business by incorporating Circular Economy Business Strategies by recirculating materials and allowing nature time to restore itself.

Positive Community Impact

Because we are running out of time, is it key to share knowledge and always commit to contribute to a more sustainable future for all by helping the local government understand and implement Circular Economy Business Models.

Our Clients & Initiatives

Successful implementations & partnerships for environmental and social impact

BSF Senkol

BSF Sengkol is a black soldier fly organic waste processing center (BSF), the first project of its kind in Lombok, strategically located near the Mandalika development, a new tourism master plan of ITDC National Indonesian Tourism Company.

Plastic Neutral Locations

Honest Ocean and Paula Huerta are working as sustainability consultants with UNRAM (Mataram University) to learn how to facilitate plastic-neutral places and events on the island of Lombok and in the province of Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia.

Waste Management Guide of Best Practise

Bambook Studio, together with the Invest Islands Foundation, has developed a series of Best Practises Waste Management Guides for South Lombok to encourage locals, entrepreneurs and tourists to engage with the best waste management solutions that already exist in the region.

Chief Sustainability Officer

8Circular is a young start-up based in Madrid, Spain, focused on finding solutions to a massive global problem: managing bio-waste, refining it into high quality end products and introducing an environmentally friendly circular economy model into our food systems.

Sustainable Consulting
Honest Ocean

Paula Huerta recently joined PT Honest Ocean, a leading plastic recycling and waste management company in Indonesia, as a sustainability consultant. Paula Huerta has many years of experience in developing business models for waste management in collaboration with the NTB Zero Waste programme. With PT Honest Ocean, it’s now time to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a Circular Zero Waste Island.


Waste management is the collection, transportation, processing and disposal of waste materials in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

There are different types of waste, including household waste, hazardous waste, electronic waste and medical waste. Among those waste streams the further waste types include glass, plastic, organic, cardboard, etc.

Waste management is important because it helps to prevent pollution, protect public health and conserve resources such as the ocean or the environment. Improper waste management can lead to massive environmental pollution and health problems. The ultimate goal would be to reduce as much as possible the amount of waste generated and ensure that almost all the inevitable waste generated goes back in the loop of usage and doesn’t become garbage. 

The steps of waste management include collection, transport, processing and disposal. The steps can vary depending on the type of waste and where it’s generated. But ideally the more we can divert from Landfill and can be reused, revalorised and recycled the better.

The different methods of waste management include landfilling, incineration, recycling and composting and depends on the type of waste and the available options in the area, but ideally composting, recycling and in general all solutions that involve reuse, revalorisation and/or  recycling are the preferred methods.

Any requests?

Reach out to us for any requests. Our team is dedicated to providing flexible and personalized support for all of your needs.

    What clients loved the most

    Working with Bambook Studio has been an absolute pleasure. Paula has been a great collaborator and her commitment to tackling environmental challenges is truly inspiring. I’m especially impressed by the level of detail and effort they put into our collaborative waste management and reforestation projects – it’s clear that Bambook Studio genuinely cares about the planet!


    Director Invest Islands Foundation

    We had been searching for pioneers who have the courage, motivation and innovative ideas to try a new waste management pilot in Southern Lombok. Paula Huerta and her office Bambook Studio, not only has their team compassionately dedicated their time and resources to deliver, but instead they now became the main sustainability driver of the project and beyond. Would always be happy if there would be opportunities for collaboration again in the future.

    Kathrin Pape

    Development Advisor for Employment in Sustainable Tourism at GIZ Lombok, Indonesia

    Paula is the Chief Strategic Officer at 8Circular because of her ability to develop sustainable strategic plans. Her enthusiasm for tackling global challenges and her brilliant and innovative thinking always help us develop better pathways for the future of the company. Paula is a vital member of the 8Circular team, consistently providing creativity to our designs and solutions.

    Alberto Gonzalez

    CEO of 8 Circular

    I love working with Paula. I learned a lot from Paula in running an environment project and building networking to support our project on waste management in Lombok Island. She is so energetic and innovative.

    Aula Askina

    NTB Governor Office: Accelerating Zero Waste Program NTB Bebas Sampah