BambookStudio | Philosophy
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We are an Architectural Studio specialized in Sustainable Design and Consulting.
Bambook was created out of a blend between our dreams as designers and our needs as people sharing this planet.
“Dreams” of doing what we love, working in a beautiful environment, creating experiences for our clients that will be unforgettable.
And “Needs” to preserve and protect as much as we can the South East Asia Developing region (and the planet) by implementing only a thoughtful Environmental Friendly Design and Sustainable Solutions.

Scheme Philosophy


We are truly advocates for Sustainable Architecture.

We believe we cannot ignore the architectural impact to the planet and therefore we feel responsible for delivering solutions that will not only achieve the highest quality in design but at the same time will contribute for a low carbon future.

Our Approach Bambook

Our approach

Our approach, is the reinterpretation of the local architecture in modern and contemporary spaces.

By using local materials and techniques and incorporating new details and concepts we aim to create a unique design that will blend with nature and the surroundings.