Xanadu Boutique Retreat

Carbon Neutral Project

Built by: TJS + FULLMOON.
Landscaping by: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Sustainability strategy: BAMBOOK STUDIO
Solar system: 35kva by Smart Energy
Rainwater collection: 180 m3
Location: South Lombok
Built-up area:. approx. 2.800m2
Year: 2022
Website: Xanadu
Instagram: xanadusurf

Xanadu Boutique Retreat is a luxury eco-hotel located in the hills of Kuta Lombok. Completed in 2022, the 2750 sqm hotel is located in the hills of Kuta Lombok, surrounded by a dense mahogany forest. The project consists of 14 double rooms, a yoga shala, a pool and poolscape, a restaurant, a spa, a reception and BOH.

The project is almost a “net zero” building: it has a 35-kVA solar power system that feeds as much carbon-free electricity into the national grid as it consumes, making it electricity neutral. As for water supply, the main building has a 180-cubic-meter rainwater collection tank and directs all runoff, return and rainwater to a deep well to recharge the region’s aquifers.

Bambook Studio were responsible for architectural, structural and sustainable design of our project as well as construction coordination. The team, with Paula at the helm, is extremely professional and fully committed to delivering the highest quality of services. I’m pretty sure without Bambook’s expertise and construction coordination effort, our project would not have been delivered so quickly. Highly recommended!

Alexandra Wozniak

Owner Xanadu Surf & Yoga Retreat